Friday, August 25, 2017

::master bedroom::

Here is the original floor plan for our house.  The right side is the side facing the road.  Notice no front door - just a window at the end of a hall.  Five front bedrooms carved up into too many pieces.  You had to walk through one of those bedrooms to get into the bathroom.  Next center region on the house was the kitchen snuggled between two bathrooms, a dining room, and living room with what I think was the "front door" (but on the side of the house).  Behind that was a converted garage with stairs to the basement and a large closet.  The other side in the back was a decent sized laundry room with half bath and a SHOWER in the hall way.  Yes - a shower in the hallway.  Not behind a door, just a curtain.  My crew likes to run around naked, but that might be where they draw the line.  

Here is the final floor plan that is what the house is now.  I'm going have a couple posts chronically what we did to what part of the house and why.  Let me clarify one big point - be had a build/design company do this project.  They worked with us closely, but they are the real brains in this outfit.  They took our dreams and told us yes or no.  The took my requirements (4 bed, three bath, living in the back with a killer view, mudroom, and huge pantry) and made it all fit in the frame of what was already there.  They took the five different ceiling heights and four (or five) different floor levels and made it all cohesive.  They are GENIUSES and I love them.  It is a family run company and over the course of this project they have become my friends, and occasional drinking buddies.  They understand budget, and balancing that with dreams.  

This is what the old master bedroom looked like.  It always had tall ceilings and nice sized windows.  It had to reach in closets on each side of a doorway that lead into a TINY bedroom that then lead into a seriously beat up bathroom.  The bathroom got taken out and turned into part of our living room.  The old TINY bedroom got turned into the master bathroom.  The old closets got rearranged into a large (large for me) walk in closet, a hallway, and a his reach in closet.  

The central hall way got turned into a full hall bath.  I've outlined the master suite area in red.  Exterior walls did not change location and the orange walls stayed in the same place.  (Forgive the hand drawn additions, but learning how to do this via computer is something I currently have zero interest in doing.)  

Phase one: for me this means basically getting everything in the right place and then making choices about design.  So here sits my plane old stuff, and from here I will figure out what to do to pimp it out.  

The view out the window.

This little stunner was a present that my Emma felt needed to go on ironic display.  I'm actually getting kinda used to him.  

Door into bathroom.  

Looking into master bath.  

I seriously can't believe this bathroom.  We shared one 3/4 bath between six people for ever.  This much space feel like luxury.  The use of space is perfect for us.  

The glass doors arrive but they where made incorrectly.  They should be installed soon.  

One sink because we are thrilled to only share a sink with each other.  

Big my fancy light fixture?  We ran out of money, but we will add one soon.  

My closet is a major work in progress but I'm thrilled just to have my own space.  

These all the wall towel hooks that have actually already gone up.  

Phase two:
Glass door
Curtains - right now I have a towel taped over the window
Light fixture over sink
Trade chandeliers with the laundry room

Phase three:
Not sure yet - I got big plans elsewhere but I like this bathroom not being over done.  We will see.  


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