Thursday, August 17, 2017

::curb appeal::

Our house when we bought it in November 2016.

Very first day on demo in April 2017.

Getting back the front door that was framed in under the walls from when it used to be a front door  
I KNEW it wanted its front door back.  

No front porch yet and the metal barn roof is still in place, but the brick is finally gone and its starting to shape up. 

The new roof went on and the little porch started to be shaped.  BUT the siding was the finishing touch.  I was so nervous about the siding, but I love it.  The look is right on, but the fact that this house does not have one single surface that is plumb or flush - it needed something different that traditional siding.  

Then the finishing touches started to go on the porch and I fell in love.  

Almost done!  Done enough to live in for sure!

Here it is right now.  Such a cute little place.  

To Do This Year:
Finish the siding
Define, mat, and mulch landscape beds
The door color is awesome BUT I just need it to be more orange - paint the doors orange 
     You can see our other color choices hanging out on the porch.  We will find the right one.  
Door kocker
Large front flower planters

Next Year:
Front flower boxes
Two rocking chairs

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