Sunday, February 16, 2014

::what I am growing for 2014::

Cottage Garden
Carrots - sprinkle these around where ever they will fit. I felt like I had a decent patch last year but it wasn't enough. I want to have more frozen.
Cucumber - along the fence
Eggplant - this was wonderful last year and I just love the color
Garlic - in the fall. I didn't plant any this last fall. Huge mistake.
Lettuce - stagger this so small batches come in season weekly
Basil - at least two purple and two green. It's time to make pesto and I had none dried last year.
Chives - If a nuclear bomb dropped on my house my chives would still come back every year.
Sweet peas - the kids can't eat enough of these. I have never actually harvested them because the kids eat them all fresh right off the vine.
Snow peas - good all the time. Freeze lots.
Hot peppers - I still don't utilize these as much as I should. I need to learn more about cooking with fresh hot peppers instead of hot sauce.
Bell peppers - Honestly I don't really like these. I grow them because they are pretty and easy to give away. This year I am going to make myself be more open minded to eating them.
Spinach - lots. Lots. Lots. Frozen and we eat lots of it fresh. I have never grown enough but this year I want to give it a shot. I am going to stagger plant it with Cilantro harvests to try and meet my supply. More to come on that latter.
Butter Nut Squash - I want to grown some of this along the fence. I don't need much.
Luffa - just one or two plants of this to let Lily play around with the concept.
Tomatoes - six
Cilantro - TONS of this. Tons! Make sure I have lots of it frozen for the winter to use in stew.
Parsley - I need a nice stash of this frozen for winter and I need to dry it for year round use.
Edememe - frozen and fresh. I haven't had luck with this before but I am hopeful this year.
Tomatillos - plant two and see what happens. This is a new one for me.
Zinnias - up front
Sunflowers - in short back bed
Petunia and misc - in hollow log planters. The kids get to pick out something to plant that they like the look of.

Orchard Garden
Asparagus - I need to line this bed with landscape timbers to define it better and I need to put it on a every two weeks weeding schedule. It needs a fresh layer of compost this year too.
Green beans - on the fence like last year and as part of my three sisters patch. We can't ever have enough of these guys and last year was not enough. I might even grow these on the ends of my grpe arbor.
Broccoli - I try to not tuck this away too far because I want to make sure I can cut off the edibles easily. Last year I grew 8. I need twice that this year. By January my freezer was out.
Corn - Sweet, popcorn, and ornamental. I haven't really done corn before but I have a large space that needs to take a break from melons this year so I am going to try and three sisters patch again.
Onions - red, white and yellow. Dry some but dice and freeze many more than last year.
Sweet potatoes - I really want to try these again. I did them once but they got away from me.
Pumpkins - I found a few powdery mildew resistance types that I am going to make part of my three sister garden.
Tomatoes - 12
Zinnias - fill open spots
Sunflowers - have cut flower patch of suns
Hydrangea - start row for cut flowers as procreated from current plants
Lavender - start a row of this as budget allows, fill with zinnias
Yarrow - try it out in a few spots
Shasta - start a row of shastas

Cranberry's - I am going to order a few of these and put them up by the house. I am just curious to see what happens with them.
Blueberry's - my first row of blues should be really hitting its stride this year. My second row is half planted and needs to be finished off with 6-8 more bushes this spring.
Grapes - I have three vines planted from last year. We actually ate some grapes off the vine last season. I have found some great seedless grapes to order online and I will finish off the grape arbor plantings this spring.
Strawberry's - I have big plans for strawberry's this year. I will post more details as it progresses and as budget allows. I hope to add about 130 new plants this year. Again - more details to follow.

Already planted - peach trees (3), plum trees (2), new apple trees (2), very old mature apple tree, very old mature pear tree
    Adding this year - two more apples, two cherry, four more peach

House Herb Garden

This was kind of an epic fail last year. The soil is too clay and maybe too shady. I am going to try and add organic matter this year and give it one more shot.
Mint - already planted and ready to go
Oregano - take more time to dry this and have some to use next year
Thyme - add this

Roses - add two more cheap roses to rose bed
Hydrangea - keep working on the new ones from last year. Buy any that are found on clearence and find spaces for them.

Misc -
Potatoes - maybe??? I can't decide. I want to make a potato box but I just can't decided if its a job for this year.
Hibiscus - one planted last year. Add a few more sprinkled around as found on clearance.
Poppies - buy $20 worth of seeds and keep expanding from fence poppy patch
Peonies - pick up a few as they go on sale and hide them out by the orchard. I think they are such an ugly plant bush but the flowers are beyond gorgeous and I want them as part of my cut flower collection.

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