Sunday, February 2, 2014

::pirate party::

This kid turned 6!
And we had to have a party... 

And for the record we used our trailer to take our supplies down to the church.  
We are getting pretty serious.  

The treat table had jello pirate ships, pirate rice crispies, cannon balls (black gum), fruit swords, two treasure chests of candy, Swedish fish, and two cakes.

Why two cakes?  Quinn turn two on 2/3.  He doesn't care about the rule that you don't get big parties till you are school age.  He thinks all parties are his party.  So, till he figures it out he can share parties with Max.    

Iced by Lily. 

For the record these are not Jello shots.  
I can't tell you how many people asked me if they were.  
I know I am crazy, but even I wouldn't give Kindergarteners booze.

 Cakes where made by my wonderful and reasonable cake lady.  
Message me for her contact info.  

Quinn's cake.  


 The cake was so heavy that it was easier to hold Max over it than move it to him. 

Josh printed me off a few pirate flags.

We started a few weeks ago on the grand ship, but we could finish it till we got it in the gym. 
The mast and sail was too big to be assembled at our house.  

And I love how it all came together.  We got most of our boxes from dumpster diving at rental shops.  The front is made from a 70 inch TV box.  The middle is made from a 60 inch TV box.  The back is made from a stove box.  The curved back was made from scraps of other boxes pieced together.  The sail is super cheap scrap wood, chicken wire, and a $5 black sheet from Walmart.  Total cost with duct tape included was less than $20 and the kids loved it. 


We had some old scrap boxes set up for the boys to play with. 

For crafts we had three options -
They could make a spyglass.

They could make a parrot.

And they could make a pirate hand stamp.  
Please forgive his purple beard.  I didn't have black when we did our mock up. 

 We had a pirate gear table when they walked it.  They had pirate sashes, which where cut up strips from a $5 sheet.  They also had pirate beards, swords, earrings, and tattoos. 

I really fell in love with the adorable beards that my Mother In-Law came up with.  She threw them together about 10 mins before the party.  I was very impressed. 
So impressed that I had to wear one.

Even Q felt the pirate fever. 

 Curly head had a great time rocking it out with his homies. 

Two pirates.  

 Josh was so helpful to me.  He was the head engineer of the ship and actual is the reason we had it almost done in advance.  He even built me the sail when I changed my mind last minute and wanted one.  As usual - I am lucky to have him. 

 And Mr. Max.  What a delicious little creature.  A big bad six year old.  

All pictures by Emma.  
Link to project ideas and even free printables - pinned on my Pintrest page.  

This was my first school age big party for Max.  
What did I learn:
Boy's don't usually care about crafts.
Don't give boys weapons.  I had to take away the swords.
Don't try and have organized activities.  They just want to run. 
Keep it short.  The whole party was 1.5 hours.  Perfect.
Don't ever let a herd of wild children into your tiny house.  
We had the party at a near by church gym.   

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