Wednesday, February 19, 2014

::personal remodel::

I have been kind of stressed lately.  Silly things.  Working too much and other things building up.  I was starting to feel a little bit out of control with life and it was getting under my skin.  I decided to pick out a few things that I control and really focus on them - then that grew in my newest idea.  I think I need a Personal Remodel.

I have chosen to focus on two different aspects - financial and health.  I am really sick of seeing how much money I make and still being broke at the end of the pay period.  I need to grab this by the horns.  I financial situation has come a long way in the past few years.  We are down to less than one year and we will have all our old bad debt gone.  But we still need to make more progress.

  I am also sick and tired of being chubby.  I just seriously lack person discipline when it comes to eating and I am getting too old to not take personal responsibility for my weight.  I know very well the health risks of being overweight, yet like a smoker, I just ignore them.  Its ridiculous and embarrassing.  I want it to stop.

Since I am easily overwhelmed with weight loss I decided that I would set a one month zero cheating time frame that gave me a little time to come up with a strategy.  I start Feb 21 and go till March 21.  Then I will re-evaluate and go from there. 

Financial Goals
1.  Commit to 8 hours of overtime every week.  More time working means more money.
2.  Audit our spending in January.  Figure out exactly what we spent and on what.
3.  I wrote out a pretty good budget that we mostly ignore.  Compare it with the Jan audit and have it make more sense.  Figure out how to put it in to place so we can become more proactive instead of reactive.
4.  Set up a Christmas account so I can stop acting financially surprised ever year with Christmas rolls around.  I already figured out that if I start a Christmas savings account now I would have a nice little nest egg by the holidays.  
5.  Have a half hour long financial meeting with Josh at least every two weeks.  Things run so much better when we do this.  During this meeting discuss what upcoming expenses are coming up and where we are on other bills.  Set a timer so we don't drag on and and on about it.

Weight Goals
1.  No Qdoba.  Seriously - it sounds ridiculous, but I am an addict and it has to stop.
2.  No fried food of any kind.
3.  Ever day that I work 8 hours or less I have to be on the elliptical for at least half an hour.
4.  Keep and food diary and count calories.  Reeducate myself to my intake.
5.  Eat or drink my daily recommended fruits, vegetables, and water.

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  1. You are so brave and honest and cute! I've always been stunned by all that you juggle. I can't imagine how you ever find time for all your creative projects, much less have any for yourself! Good luck friend. I'll be praying for you and cheering you on from afar!
    Xo Leslie@farm fresh fun



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