Thursday, February 27, 2014

::Personal Remodel - week one::

Week one of my personal remodel is at an end.  

Money Progress:
Josh and I had a good money meeting about paychecks and have a good little plan in place.  We have discussed all the upcoming bills.
I am working on updating the budget.  It isn't going to take one week to do it, but its getting done.  
I still haven't figured out how to squeeze out the Christmas account money but I am working on it. 

Weight Progress:
I have not even stopped in to Qdoba.  Sounds basic but its a good start.
I have been getting my tush onto the elliptical.  
I haven't been perfect with my food diary but I can kick it up today.
I have been really good about my water intake at work but need to kick it up at home.  
I have been doing pretty well with my veg and fruit intake.  
I modified my no fried food to no french fries.  It keeps me away from fast food but gives me a little more flexibility.  

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