Friday, December 14, 2012

::christmas tree::

We have a crazy little stand in our small town here in central Indiana that we frequent.  It's where we get pumpkins, and watermelons, and fresh honey, and Christmas trees.  Obviously not all at the same time, but that would be awesome.  We have played around with a fake tree before but that just didn't do it for me.  For the past two or three years we have a had a luscious tree from our crazy stand.  This year Max and Lily got in another flipping fight on the way there.  The 400th of the day.  So I let Emma pick the tree and made those two sit in the car and watch.  Too far?  Scarred for life?  Maybe.  But I was afraid for their safety if they got in another fight in front of me.  Emma picked a wonderful tree.  Perfect - round - and the cheapest one.  That's my girl.   She named him Clyde - as all good things need a name.  We name just about anything.  The pot belly stove is named Larry.  

Emma's monster ornament
Clyde came home and we got him right in the stand.  By ourselves!  No Josh.  Of course it was crooked and Josh had to fix it when he got home, but that is not the point.  We immediately put on all the lights and ornaments.  Why exactly are you supposed to wait to decorate a tree?  Does anyone else remember hearing that?  Wait a few hours after you get it inside before you decorate it.  Why?  Doesn't that seem kind of unnecessary?  We sure as Christmas didn't follow that.  And I think Clyde looks wonderful. 

From the breeder who sold us Donkey.

Man, I love vintage Rudolph
That rotten elf is hiding in the tree right now.
Any expensive or fancy ornaments I may have bought in our first few Christmas's together have been broken by Max over the years.  The curly head is hard on everything.  My favorite ones are made by my Father.  He is a master wood worker and went through a wood carving phase.  His ornaments are stunning - and durable!!!!  Every year the kids each get an ornament from Santa - this is the first year he will be bringing FOUR.  Amazing. 


  1. Clyde is perfect! Good job Emma! And I love your glass ornaments.

  2. Love this keepin it real post! There will be no scars. Maybe no lessons learned either but at least you tried! Some days I just quote Bill Cosby and say "my gift to you is that I let you live!" ;-P Beautiful tree!



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