Wednesday, December 5, 2012

::bred does::

Goats waiting at vet for ultrasounds
 The four breeding age girls got loaded into the truck and taken to the vet for confirmation ultrasounds.

The youngest of the ladies was not prego.  That's ok.  She was only one in September and that still feels to little to me.  Maybe we will breed her right before fair for a fall baby.

The three other girls are BRED!!!

The vet was not able to tell how many babies we have coming, but I got to see those sweet little babies moving and grooving around.  One of the girls that is bred is my favorite little lady, Nelly.  For her birth story link here.  She is the goat I had to give CPR to to save. 

Now I have to place bets:
Nelly - one baby, caramel doe, will arrive January 25th
Betty - twins, boy caramel and doe agouti, will arrive January 29th
Emme - triplets, two agouti boys and one caramel doe, will arrive January 30th

If we really have that many babies Josh will have a seizure.

The plan with these little ones would be three baby boys and at least three baby girls for my human kids to show in 4h this year.  If we have any more than three boys we will sell the additional boys.

I'll keep you posted with delivery information!!!  I can't wait.  I just love delivery baby animals.


  1. From someone who knows nothing about goats here are a few questions your post prompted....
    1. Why do you have to sell the boys
    2. Can you only show females in 4-H?
    3. January in Indiana is you have to have a heated stall or something for the babies?
    4. How long is typical gestation for goats and how many babies do usually have at one time?....and how often do you breed them?
    That's all my questions for now... :)

  2. Any News on the Goats?? are the kids here?



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