Sunday, December 9, 2012

::toy review::

We had Christmas with my parents last night and each kid got a  present from them.  My mother asks for an email list with links to what exact presents to get them.  She is a creative gift buyer, she could do it herself, but she knows I will have some good hook ups for her. 

I wanted to go over some of the toys, since they all seem really great.

Quinny got the Elefun Popper.  It is an elephant that has air power in it so the baby can press a big button and the thing shoots balls out of its trunk.  The big kids are in love with the crazy thing.  It is plastic, but put together well.  They have been mistreated it since it got its batteries (4D!!!) and it looks like it is going to hold up pretty well.  Quinn has barely played with it yet, since the big kids are hogging it.  Even though it was from my parents I found it on sale for $20 at Target and picked it up for my mother.  Its noisy and annoying, but it does have an on/off button.  

Max got the Go-Go Pogo.  This thing is awesome!  First it came in a huge box that my kids turned into a caterpillar and have been crawling around the house in for hours.  CUTE!  Then the toy itself is wonderful.  It has a thick rubber ball on the bottom instead of a peg, like a traditionally pogo.  It kind of reminds me of a toy I had as a kid called a Pogo Ball, but even better.  The ball on the bottom lets you use it inside.  Any toy that wears the kids out is a thumbs way up!  The handle has some buttons that let you play different games or sound effects.  It also has an off button - essential.  My biggest problem with it is that it is pricey.  It cost around $100.  It does seem well made, but that seems over priced to me.  A perfect grandma gift.  Lily has it all figured out, but Max is still getting the coordination for it.   

Lily's gift has not arrived yet.  But she knew exactly what it was and it will work perfectly for us.  It a big platform swing.  It comes from Hearth Song and my kids are going to love it.  Yes - we are in Indiana.  Yes - it is too cold outside to use a swing.  Technically.  But I promise you that when it arrived we will be putting on Carharts and getting our selves on that freaking swing.  Cost for my mom was $130 plus shipping.  Pricey.  But I expect this things to last for a very long time.  I predict that my kids will use it almost every single day.  

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