Monday, September 3, 2012

::some for sale pictures::

 I am working on pictures for the house add.
We are using a realtor but I am just so controlling that I wanted to take the pictures myself.
Staging for the sake of a picture has been an adventure.  

 I have had some really good help cleaning out my closet.

 My room has never looked like this for more than 30 seconds.
And yes my bed is on the ground.  
We broke the bed frame.
Interpret that however you want.

 And the kids room has never been this empty.

 And the playroom...
Seriously - it only looked like this from one spot for about 45 seconds.

 Do you think that the pellet stove is a selling point?
An alternative heating source and all that jazz?

 If you pan slightly right this is what you would see in the playroom picture.

 I was standing on the green chair when I took the "clean" pictures.
I have found the start of this staging/purging process to be renewing.  
I got rid of eight trash bags of things to be donate and four trash bags of just straight trash.  

Every game or puzzle that is missing a piece is out.
All the stinking happy meal toys, all the crap they never play with - gone.  
It has been freeing.

I will never get down to a minimalist category but I am creeping toward my goal of getting rid of at least a third (pushing for half) of our stuff.  

Today we do the art room into a dinning room and the family room.
I may need a dumpster. 

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  1. Our box springs and mattress are also on the floor due to a broken bed frame.:)



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