Sunday, September 30, 2012

::garden in review::

Oh pretty little cottage garden - you make a good therapist.

But I sort of lost my mojo for you this year.  Once we started talking about moving it seemed like you were not as much fun as usual.  

Please forgive me?  I just didn't feel like focusing on making you awesome so some one else could have you.  What if they didn't appreciate how stinking rad you are?  What is they tilled you up and ...gulp...built a GARAGE on top of you.  The trauma.  But here is a new promise - I am going to keep going with you like we are not moving.  And if some one buys this house then I hope you look your very best and win them over with your stunning-ness (Is that a word?).

Love - Brooke

Gardening this year was crazy.  Our weather was desert like for most of the summer.  It was way beyond the perfect gardening weather we have here in Indiana.  We have a very deep well on the funny farm so I could still water my cottage garden, but my back gardens had to sink or swim.  It sank.  Epic fail.  Weeds didn't even grow back there for some time.  Josh finally just tilled it under.  But the cottage garden did okay.  Just okay.  I tried to experiment this year with very early plantings and a set of late fall plantings.  Those happen to work perfectly.  I have carrots, lettuce, peas, and spinach out the wazoo.  The middle of the summer stuff is what struggled.  The tomatoes taste amazing this year (I love you Black Krim), and I have more hot and bell peppers than I could ever use.  The melons failed.  Even my bush watermelons in the cottage garden were barely able to feed the chickens.  We had almost no strawberry's, I got to fix that.  My green beans voted no this year.   

What am I going to change next year - assuming we are here?
     Drip irrigation in the cottage garden 
     Some kind of water set up for the messy garden
     Keep experimenting with companion plantings - sunflowers with green beans, tomatoes with lettuce underneath,  spinach planted under broccoli
     Have a kids bean tepee
     Plant a large strawberry patch
     Make a cold frame and experiment with using it
     Start my own seedlings - something I have resisted till now
     Finally fix up the front flower beds into edible landscape
     And 100 other things if I don't stop looking at stupid addicting pintrest

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  1. Your garden looks great! Ours was very lackluster this year. We usually have awesome luck with green beans, but this year the plants were tiny. And every year I plant sunflowers... they bloom but they ever get over a foot or two tall. I just don't understand. Our onions never get big, we tried garlic and it did nothing.

    I planted a flower garden for the first time and it needs help, just not sure what to do. We planted a gardenia in the corner, some plumbagos, bush daisies, marigolds and some other I can't remember. It needs to be filled in some more, it just doesnt have the look I want.



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