Friday, September 28, 2012

::art area shrinks and FOR SALE update::

This is what the art supply area used to look like.
Full of fun.

But with our effort to move I had to condense it down.  Now we are just in this cabinet and a big rubber maid tub in the laundry room.
I miss the art supplies.
I hate having them put away.  
This is something I will majorly enjoy fixing once things here get settled down...

Which seems like a good segway into a Farm For Sale Update.

This place was a major pain to get decluttered  - but we did it.  It really looks great.  But as a wise father of mine once said, "You can't polish a turd."  The land is amazing, but the house is a loveable - like a mother loves a child.  You love it because it is yours.  Except my kids, because anyone would love love gorgeous creatures.  
Back on focus - the house.  
We have made the house look as good as it can.  Its been for sale for three weeks.  We got one showing.  They said, "Great land, house is too small."  The end.  No other interest since.  They did say the price was fair, and judging by the rest of the market I think that is true.  I feel like the price reflects the TLC that the house needs to make it updated.  If kitchens and bathrooms really do sell houses, then this place will never sell.  
If this house sold as priced right now we would walk away with nothing, but we wouldn't owe anything either - if you are feeling like a glass half full kind on person.  That would be fine with me.  I would call that a do over and move on.  But if things progress and we end up having to short sale we are getting majorly different reports.  A mortgage guy we have worked with before just about threw up when I brought it up to him.  He said it would be seven years till we could do anything after this place was sold.  He said it was a terrible idea.  Our real estate agent, who some days I love and some days I doubt a bit, makes it sound like a total cake walk.  I don't mind a rental after this house for a little while.  (I define "little while" as less than two years)  That would give us a chance to finish repairing the damage our spendy 20's caused us.  Now that we live in our frugal 30's.  Hopefully followed by our secure 40's and 50's and relaxing 60's-100's.
Again - I shoot off on a tangent.  
I just want some one who actual knows to come over and say - here is what you do so you sell this farm ASAP and move in to a cute little rental.  Where you can then buy a piece of land with in six months and put up barns right away.  Then in a year you can build a modest little house and get going on all your crazy homesteading ideas.  Every time I think I found someone that I can utilize to get this information I find out I didn't understand all the details.  
Like sand through the hour glass so are the days of our lives.  

PS - no unicorn here.  I am not whining.  Things are over all 95% wonderful.  I love Josh and he loves me.  The kids are mostly healthy and thriving.  I still get to live on this farm for now.  We are making financial progress every month.  

Then all the sudden I stop typing and look out the window.  Look at this pretty place.
Doubt creeps in.
Should we even move at all? 
Yes - we need to move up to the in laws.
But... this house.  
It's so loveable. 

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