Sunday, July 1, 2012

::school board::

Can it seriously be July already?  I hate hearing the summer vacation clock ticking away.  I wish these kids could stay home with me forever.  But that a magical fairy would come home school them, because that is not a job for me.  I just want to have them around like summer but not teach them.  Which is one of the reasons I am beginning to look into running for the school board.  I figure that between Emma and Quinn be are looking at 21 total years dealing with the same elementary school.  21 years.  Lets say that one more time.  21 years.  21 21 21.  When I first saw that number I thought that could not be possible, but wrap your mind around this fact.  Emma started Kindergarten in 2002 and Quinn will leave the elementary school after six grade in 2023.  It's true.  21 years.  So don't you think it makes sense for me to be involved in this place?  The PTA is very important and extremely helpful but I get most interested in things like laptops for all students and text books being on those laptops (a nearby school does it and it works well), uniforms till at least six grade if not for all of school, and year round school which is also working well at other schools.  Selfishly I love year round school so I can have breaks with the kids all year round but it has lots of other merits.  This is not my soap box day, but you get the idea.  

Now I need some advice.  What has been your experience with school boards?  Good bad and ugly.  Has any one been on a school board before?  This is not something I am going to rush into, but I have a great deal of interest in this. 

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  1. Schaefer 2012! Seriously, this made me think of the Leslie Knope campaign on Parks and Rec. Please tell me you watch this show. Sorry, no idea about school board, but I have no doubt you could get the job done!



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