Thursday, June 21, 2012

::bead sun catchers::

It is so flipping hot here right now.  Too hot.  And no rain.  The grass is crunchy, unless it is lucky enough to be next to my garden which gets watered every stinking day.  Its too hot to play outside for very long.  And I am getting that must create, paint, and rip down walls feeling that usually leads to Josh wanting to move out.  Last night I let the kids pick through my "shortie fun" pinboard and they picked out a fun little craft or two to try.

WARNING ~ if you are not crafty at all - you and your kids can do this.  
Toddler friendly even - minus the oven.

Its really complex, you ready?  Take any size or shape oven proof pan.  Add in one layer of cheap plastic beds.  (Lets try two next time just to be crazy!)  Put nothing else in the pan, do not over think this.  Don't line it, don't get crazy.  Place pan in oven.  Turn over to 400 degrees because you are too lazy to preheat it.  DO NOT go watch Dallas because you will burn the house day.  Just hang out near the oven checking with the oven light on so the kids can watch.  Once the beads are melted to what ever amount of melty-ness suits you - take them out.  Go watch Dallas while they cool down.  Once they are completely cool turn the pan over and the solid sun catcher will just slide right out.  If it has some holes in it from not being totally melted put a ribbon through one hole and hang it up.  If not than just set it against the window.  DONE DONE AND DONE.  Shorties are mad happy thinking it is the prettiest thing ever.  

I can not wait to experiment with this more.  Like making the beads into a pattern, or smaller size ones to be ornaments.  Very cheap and fun.  Like me :)
This was 100% stolen from Pintrest.  Link here to see the original post. 

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  1. This is on our summer bucket list. Good to hear that it is truly easy!



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