Thursday, June 7, 2012

::not good at::

I did a photo shoot for a young girl the other day at my farm.  She walked around and looked at my cottage garden and started in with the "How do you do it all?" questions.  How do you have four kids, work full time, and take care of ______.  (Insert the phrase - all these animals, or all the land, or this garden, or etc.)  Every now and then you need a young girl with a new baby to come over and treat you like you have it all figured out.  Its a good ego boost.  But here are a few things I very seriously do not have figured out.
1.  I never bring in my trash cans the day that trash gets picked up.  Sometimes I pretend to ignore them the whole week.  I have perfected this.
2.  I don't recycle enough.  How can I not do this?  Terrible.  My friend that lives in Japan recycles every single thing just as directed and she doesn't even really speak the language.  I have no good excuses.
3.  I forget to turn the hose off sometimes.  I put it in the horse tank and walk away and six hours latter am stunned to see the huge pond forming in the driveway.
4.  My car is almost always messy, more like trash filled.  I blame my kids often.  Its really my own fault.  This would most likely be the one thing that Josh can't stand about me if you go him drunk enough to admit it.
5.  No matter how much I try to talk myself out of it, if it is dark outside and I am walking back in from the barn I can not stop myself from running.  I just know that a monster is waiting to get me.  I am 34 year old. 

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