Wednesday, December 28, 2016

::floor plan::

Our builder/designer is amazing.  She took out crazy little house and found a way to squeeze all the things I wanted into one floor plan. 

The front door faces the road.  It is rarely going to actually be used, but I really think its necessary for curb appeal.  The nice big porch is inspiring me with lots of design ideas.  Max's room in the first room on the right.  It's going to have one closet for his stuff and the second one will be his reading nook.  The middle bedroom is the girls room with a built in queen bed and day bed for Emma.  Two closets for the girls to each have some storage.  Quinn has the little room but he is excited that it is "closest to the kitchen" - his words.  Then the main living space.  Kitchen with no upper cabinets and lots of glass.  Then the gigantic pantry! - with back stairs down to a tiny basement that will be for utilities.  The hall bath is for the boys and the bathroom over by the kitchen is for the girls.  Leading to the garage is a mudroom and laundry closet.  The backroom is a playroom.  Then the kicking garage.  

Details about each room to come. 

Here are the elevations of the front and back of the house.

It's just so damn cute.

Front now

Back now

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