Friday, December 9, 2016

::dog and goat shelter::

Josh is frantically working his tail off to get his work shop renovated.  But I talked him into taking a little break today and making Gus and the goats/sheep a winter shelter.  He wasn't happy to lose half a day of work but it was a chore we had to get done, as the pasture they are wintering in does not have any shelter in it.  It is getting really cold here and we need to make sure the babies don't get frozen.  Before we got started I made Josh go over to the his brothers house with me and pick up our Gus from his pasture.  Gus was glad to get a break from his goats/sheep.  

We used only materials that we found on the farm.  We got in the loft and got down some lumber that was left behind in a pile and then we pulled out some scrap metal barn roof pieces that were laying around in a pile.  One of the thing I love about this farm is all the crazy miscellaneous resources all over the place.  While Josh was working I got distracted and went to stare at some of the treasures I can't wait to use.

like these barn doors

and this car hood
you can see the speck on him between the barn and house way in the distance
 And while I was wondering around Gus went on a little walk about too.  He was about one mile away in the very back of this field.  Almost to the white house.  Josh had to drive him truck through the field to get him.  Bad Gus.

So, we locked him in the barn with us while we finished his shelter.  He looks annoyed in this picture but he was actual just sleepy after he found that coyote trail and took off.

Josh built this shelter so it would fit right on to the trailer and off we went.  See the skateboard that Quinn found in the barn?  Another treasure.

We filled the shelter with hay and Josh crawled in to show Gus his new digs.  It was so warm in there!  All that straw makes a nice nest.  You can tell how cold it is by all the layers that Josh is wearing. 

Oz was beyond uninterested in this situation.  He thinks this cold weather is awesome. 

Grandma Willow approves!  She's the boss, and if she says yes then the others will follow her in. 

 After they get done chasing the trailer around the pasture. 

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