Tuesday, May 29, 2018

::Little Mama the silkie with her babies::

I love living on a farm so much.  Seeing new babies makes my heart sing.  I got a pair of silkies chickens from a friend this winter.  I had heard that silkies can get broody but I hadn't had the chance to see it in action before.  My rooster had been locked in with my hen for a few weeks and she laid her nest of eggs and carefully sat on them.  She's such a great girl and so sweet with her babies.  She hatched out her three little babies and has been taking such good care of them.    

On day two I went out to make sure she had fresh food and water.  After I gave it to her she got out of her nest and clucked at the babies to follow her lead.  Here is a video of her showing them the ropes.  Prepare to die from the cute.  

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