Wednesday, June 24, 2015

::new farm babies::

    What a great year on the farm!  I have had no pregnant animals keeping me up all night with worry, but we bought two Nubian Goat does and one Southdown Babydoll lamb.  They are some of the highest quality stock to ever be on my farm.  All three are for my girls to show in 4H this year, and they are going to have some fancy show babies. 

    The two nubians come from a very high quality breeder in Il with many grand champions in her line up.  The day before I was supposed to pick the up, the one I was really in love with broke her front leg.  The breeder cut me a deal and asked in I wanted her any way.  The prognossis was really good, so we went ahead and brought her home.  The black one is named Margaret - AKA Peggy - AKA Peg Leg.  She is so spoiled and Quinn seems to just adore her.  He sits and hugs her at least a few times a day.  The brown one in Winifred.  She is also a sweet heart and spoiled.  They both are bottle fed and they adore getting fed.  I don't know how we are going to every teach them to stand up to be shown because they want to climb all over you.  Peg caught her cast off and is recovering quickly from the whole thing.  Young animals (and humans) are so resilient. 


Then the lamb!  Oh my heart aches I am so over the moon for this baby.  We named her Bernadette.  The little thing is so sweet.  She loves the goat babies and we let them play together on occasion.  This little princess of a girl makes me so excited to start buying more and more lambs to grow a little flock.  Hopefully next year I will pick up a ram and a few more ewes.  I want these little lawn mowers to cover my side yards.  Poor Josh - he is going to get talked in to lots of fencing.

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