Sunday, October 5, 2014

::ms pacman::

For the record - I am really trying harder to learn about grammar.  It is going to be a battle but I am striving to improve.  Trying to catch my typos is a big part of that.  Pacman is officially spelled with out a k.  Pacman not Packman.  (fragment sentence - damn you grammar)   

Lillian is in a great local theater company and they had their yearly Halloween costume contest this last Friday.  She and I wanted to come up with something homemade and unique.  Since I can not sew this lead to us trying to figure out what we could make out of cardboard.  I have found a local furniture rental business that has the most wonderful dumpster full of huge cardboard boxes.  I raid that place when ever I have a project in mind.  After a ton of research we came up with a Ms. PacMan costume.  

I used two pencils to make a protractor and drew a large circle.  Then I marked out a triangle for the mouth.  After I cut it out I used it as a template for another matching circle.  I took a second box and cut out the connection piece, making it as wide as my shoulders.  Lillian was at school so I had to use myself for the size of the costume.  

I used ducts tape to attach the pieces and cut leg, arms, and head holes. 

I used yellow duct tape on the exterior to attach all the connection points.  I then painted the entire thing.  I don't like to use spray paint because it doesn't cover as well and is more expensive than a can of cheap paint.  

It was a little big for Quinny. 

When Lillian got home she made lips, eyes, and a bow to finish off the costume.  This whole thing had a total cost of $10 and she won "Most Creative Costume".

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