Wednesday, October 22, 2014

::augustus walter schaefer::

Our most wonderful livestock gaurdian dog, Bruno died in the spring.  We have missed his handsome face and I was in no hurry to replace him.
But recently chickens have started disappearing. 
The neighborhood wildlife got the memo that our lab will let hem have their pick of any chicken they want. 
I decided it was time to get a new dog to fill Bruno's shoes. 
I decided on a Great Pyrenese because they are known to be good gaurdian dogs and are usually good with children if well socialized. 
The rescue would not work with me, actually they wouldn't even return my emails.  I assume it is because I was honest about wanting the dog as a farm dog. 
So - we found a breeder and bought a puppy. 
And what a puppy we found.
Meet - Augustus Walter Schaefer
Aka - Gus Gus
He is the most laid back creature I have ever met.
I am seriously in love with this dog. 

Needless to say that the socialization to children has been going very well.

Our old girl Alberta is very annoyed with the new addition. 
She is tolerating him well and teaching him the ropes.
Within a few more weeks I expect her to actually fall in love with him too. 

For now - our baby polar bear is loving life.
He has fit right in. 

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