Friday, July 4, 2014

::Back garden progress 2014::

 My pretty little back garden is going insane this year.  
Broccoli up front then a row of beans.
Three double rows of tomatoes.
Then a random sampling of corn and pumpkins.  
Everything growing out there is resistant to powdery mildew since last year I lost this entire garden to that stupid mildew.  

 Broccoli has gone crazy and less than a week after this picture it was larger than a dinner plate and had to be harvested.  From my first broccoli harvest I got enough to freeze three full family portions of broccoli.  Not a bad start.  

 Broccoli gone wild. 

 The tomato rows are going perfectly.  The ditch in the center is hard to see but it has not really caved in much.  We have had so much rain that I haven't really had to use it.  

 The bottom six to twelve inches get all branches trimmed off.  If they are forming a tomato they get to stay.  Otherwise its in to the compost pile.  This is supposed to keep bugs away.

 My row of green beans has given me two baskets of green bean already.  I love this variety that I picked for this year.  I'll post the link after I finally get to eat some.  

This picture is from the back of the garden.  It shows the row of sunflowers coming in and all the corn and pumpkins growing together.  It's two week right now since this picture and you would not believe the changes!  Update picture to follow once the weeds get beat back again. 

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