Thursday, May 15, 2014

::disney adult trip 2014::

We got to sneak out on an adults only Disney trip.

We visited our favorite candy shop.
The candy apples kill me every time. 

Here is Josh using our Magic Bands for the very first time!
This was really exciting for us. 
I tried a new brownie covered with chocolate.
I have lost 25 pounds in the past few months but I cheated a bit at Disney.
We loved listening to our favorite clean up crew and seeing our iconic monorail.
Since it was the Flower and Garden show we had fun checking out all the topiaries. 
England had a Peter Pan one that we loved. 

I had my three drinks at the same time at every meal.
It makes me so happy.
Water - caffeine - alcohol. 

Josh fell in love with Captain EO.

It rained like crazy on our Epcot day.
We wear poncho folk for sure, but it couldn't bring us down.

We heard great things about the Bacon Maple cupcake.
I wanted to love it but - it wasn't for me.

Josh took a big honest bite and it wasn't for him either. 

These fairy house that they had in the butterfly pavilion where for me.
I took a million pictures as inspiration.

It was just a three night trip, but a very nice sneak out for grown ups.
We where sad to go home but still ended up with this spontaneous photo bomb picture.

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