Tuesday, May 13, 2014

::rocket man::

Max and his dad built a super cheap kit rocket together.
Max was excited but I don't think he really knew how much he was going to love it. 
Because of the cheapness of the kit we couldn't get the launcher to actually work. 
These boys tried to solve the problem.
Notice our wedding tree in the background. 
Bruno was near by to offer moral support and pillow support.

Then Josh returned from gathering fix it supplies. 
Max was still upbeat but the rocket continued to not launch. 
Till Josh hooked it up to his truck battery.
It pays to have a solver as your father.
Max was beyond delirious when he say how high the rocket actually went.

He kind of lost his mind with joy. 

Then he figured out we could launch it again! 

This crew had on the dirtiest old barn clothes and was so happy.

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