Tuesday, March 5, 2013

::max's outlook::

Out of sorts.  Cabin fever.  Restless.  I was not really myself the other day.  I was home with the two boys but just couldn't seem to find joy.  Q went down for a nap.  I decided might be the reset I needed.  But after an hour of trying to fall asleep I knew that was not the ticket.  I had a movie title floating around in my head - "The Blind Side".  I had seen something about it recently and mentally marked it as - need to watch.  I had Max come curl up on the lap and we sported the two bucks to watch it on iTunes.

Max must have seen it before.  He was giving me a play by play for most of the movie.  Every so often we would take a break to check Q or snack up.  Then we would snuggle up in the office chair and keep on watching.  Watching such a happy and true story with that little boy was something I hope I never forget.  He kept saying, "Don't worry, he is going to find his family."  He told me three times, "You mess with my son and you mess with me."  He loves that idea.  He had a big talk with me about how some people don't have a family but then they find a family.  He understood the whole story on a level that was really beyond his years and his usually level of attentiveness.  It was a good movie with out him, but with my Max to narrate it became unforgettable.

It always helps to get your priories back on track to see someone that literally had one T shirt in a plastic bag to his name.  I get fussy this time of year (EVERY YEAR), that the house is too small.  That we don't fit.  We need a bigger house.  ~Or we could just make do.  Which is what I have to do anyway so I better make the most of it.  Maybe the occasional snuggle movie with Max is just the fix I need.  I should do it more often.  

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  1. Sweetness. Now I need to see it. I won't be able to not hink of Max if I watch it though.



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