Monday, April 24, 2017

::141 and project start::

We closed on our new farm with a conventional loan in November because the original seller didn't want to wait for us to close with a 203K loan.  203K loans usually take "longer" to close than conventional loans - we knew that coming in.  We were told 60-90 days.  It took us 141 days to close on the 203K loan.  We got so much bad advice about this loan.  Our mortgage guy was at best incompetent and at worst shady as hell.  I don't want to dwell on all the bad, I just want to move forward.  I originally wrote this post with a collection of all the many bad things they told us, but it's not worth it to put that kind of negative karma into the air.  It's time to just take the next step and get onto the good stuff.      

And the good stuff should start tomorrow.  I want to be realistic and not over react to the changes that happen as we roll along.  We got so crazy and over the top upset about our loan closing.  I can't have that poison in my heart anymore.  Remaining optimistic when you are really a nature pessimist takes daily disable and I refuse to let this drag me down.  Tomorrow the contractors come in and start the real demo (we let the kids break down a wall just for fun).  I need to keep reminding myself that this is going to be a great little house for us and we have years to get it "perfect".  It doesn't have to all happen in the next three months.  

Another thing I want to remind myself - I naturally want to fill space with too much stuff, but I prefer spaces that are NOT crowded.  I have to make sure that I take some Coco Channel advice when it came to accessories.  I'll put on what ever I want and then remove one thing (maybe two).  

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