Monday, February 20, 2017

::floorplan changes::

Well - we were getting much closer to closing on the financing on this project and we got a little kick in the teeth.  We needed to cut our budget down 25K.  And that was after we had already cut our budget down dramatically.  Something big had to go, and that something was the garage and the playroom (the parts we were building on).  I had to go through the cycles of grief, but really - it is not that big a deal.  We still get a really cool well updated quality house and we spend less money in the process.  I'm over the lack of space and on to the coolness of that space.  When the boys start marching closer toward teen-hood we will make a rec room for them in the barn.  I already have a rocking awesome space picked out and it should be beyond awesome.  We are also going to convert a part of the barn near the house into a 2-3 car garage.  I guess having 12k+ square feet of barn without much of a job yet is a good problem to have.     Here is the old floor plan
New floor plan.  

Note the larger mud room and the improved laundry room.  I feel like this plan is going to work even better for us.  It's even more ergonomic.  Bedroom two looses some space, but with the built in bed going in that room it is still going to be amazing.  I can't wait to post about that.  I have some crazy ideas for that room.    

Here is the new exterior view.  She's still the cutest little house in the land, even if she isn't going to be expanded.   

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