Thursday, March 19, 2015

::march so far::

I am so glad to see the cold start to fade away.  I love snow and I love living in an area of the country that has four true seasons, but I am still so happy to see spring come rolling in.  This family is rocking and rolling like crazy.  The blog is on neglect mode - but that is just the best it's going to be right now.   

I keep saying over and over that I am not going to do a huge garden this year.  But spring smells so good and I am dreaming of garden rows.  I have a modified plan, but those smaller plans seem to always expand.  I am currently trying to talk Josh into building me a chicken tractor to keep the ladies out of my gardens.  School is trucking along.  One day at a time.  So far I am just getting the beginning classes out of the way so that I can get to meat of what I really want to learn.  Work is fine, just fine.  I figured out the other day that I go to 11 different units.  I love the floating and I adore the nut jars I work with, but the people who manage my schedule make me nuts.  In all fairness, I don't think anyone could manage my schedule to my standards of crazy.  

Working too much!  His job is over working him right now.  He has been doing a great job working out for the past few months.  I am so impressed with his work ethic in all the things he does.  We are going to Disney for an adult sneak out in late April and we are both so excited for our sneak out.  Poor Joshy is getting a long honey-do this with spring here.  Thank God he is such a good sport.  

This lovely girl is getting ready to be in her high school musical - Pajama Games.  I am so glad she has fallen in love with theater.  What a great hobby to have.  She always impresses me with her cool hair styles and makeup.  This kid is amazing with fashion.  Her 17th birthday is a few weeks away.  Some vintage and artist original items are in her future.  Two of her favorite things.  

Our Lily is over the moon.  She got the lead in her elementary school musical!  She worked so hard - and put her whole little soul into trying out.  I was ready to reassure her if it didn't happen, but I was so glad to celebrate with her.  This kid needed the boost.  This kid lives and breathes drama and musicals all day long.  She is doing very well in school right now.  

My Max has been struggling along at school.   Lucky for him, he doesn't really seem to care all that much.  I get very discouraged with the not love notes home from his teacher, but I have come to realize we have to just finish out this year and be ready for the next.  Max is just happy in his own head, as always.  He has the most amazing personality.  I adore him.

This man is HUGE!  Seriously.  He eats constantly and he is a giant.  He struggles with the typical three year old stuff.  He goes from happy to throwing himself on the ground in 2.8 seconds.  He is still the best little snuggle guy in this house.  He worships Josh, which makes me happy for Josh but also jealous.  

Things that are working great in life:
Sunday funday - we have kept this up and it makes the kids and I really look forward to Sundays.  I can't wait for the weather to warm up so we can have outdoor adventures.
Kitchen remodel - my dad made us our cabinet doors.  They are amazing.  We sand and paint them and this kitchen is done and nicely updated.  I love the way it is turning out.  So bright and fun. 
SPRING - love it

Things to work on:
School - I am not being very proactive with school right now.  I am letting due dates get too close.  I'm just bored with this semesters classes.  But I will buckle down for the rest of the semester.  
Diet and working out - I start.  I do great.  I fade out.  I restart.  But I am not far off the wagon right now.  Plenty of time to get back on!    
The rest of the house - the kitchen is going along great.  But I need to paint just about every surface in the rest of the house.  Time and money always slow me down.  I am only able to do so much, so I will just keep chipping away at it.  Garden season never makes me want to work inside :)

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