Saturday, February 7, 2015

::quinn - age 3::

Oh this Quinn.
He is such a bulldog.  
He grabs on to something and will not let go.  
Maybe he is really more of a terrier.  
But playful.  

Not since the great Emma baby has a child been able to give such a high quality dirty look,
This child has mastered the Stink Eye.  
He has a highly developed sense of stranger danger.  
I never worry he is going to walk away from me in a store.  
He might try to sneak away in public, but the first person that tries to talk to him will have him running back to me.  

When Q's older brother Max ended up with curly hair I was shocked. 
I have been so secretly pleased to see my Q have very similar hair.  
Please note that Q is brushing a goat.
He is funny like that.  
He has to always be doing something?
Brushing, organizing, throwing, jumping. 
The man has a mission.  

He has to figure out how things work.  
He HAS to!
Just let him.  
It's not worth the fight to try and make him stay in line.  

Here he is happy as can be on Christmas morning when he put his Lego guy into my homemade pumpkin bread that I was taking to my inlaws.  

He had to help me paint.  
Had tooooo!
Again - don't fight it.  
Just let the man help.
Look how happy he is.  

If he has to go outside when it is raining he wears his shirt like this.
Every time.
He is hilarious.  
A comedian.  
He teases all the time but he loves to be funny.  

Caught figuring things out again.  
This kid.  
He is a professor of world studies.  

And duck chasing.  
He can chase ducks all day. 
It's good exercise for everybody.  

He LOVES to eat.
He fell asleep eating the other day.
He eats ALL the time.
I feel like I need to use capital letters a great deal with discussing Q. 
He lives his life in CAPITAL LETTERS.

This kid loves the shower.  He can shower for hours.  
It's a great baby sitter.  

Overall, my little Quinny is a perfect end cap to a great crew. 
He is the most snugly of all of them.  
He will nest with you for hours.
He is my co-pilot.  I take him just about everywhere.  
This kid has an amazing amount of understanding about technology.  He amazing me how well he can take my phone and open up Netflix to watch JustInTime.
This kid and his Dad are best buddies.  
Josh is the first thing Quinn talks about when he wakes up in the morning.
"Where is my Daddy?"
I am a very distant second place. 
But as long as I remain second I am ok with that.  

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