Sunday, February 3, 2013

::Max turns five::

Mr Max of the Curly Hair.  
Mackie, as I call him, is all boy.  All boy.  Climbing crashing breaking jumping throwing marching.  This kid is not screwing around.  He is on a mission at all times.  He plays with his toys like Andy from Toy Story - there is a long and very imaginative plot to the way all his toys interact with each other.  Max will be getting held back next year to do another preschool year.  Parents choice.  Mostly because I really like him and want him home with me another year.  And because we would rather he be one of the older boys in his class than one of the youngest.  This big man starts his first year of T-Ball this year and we can not wait.  I am going to try to be Team Mom and I am trying to talk Josh into being the team coach.  We are both addicted to our Max.   

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