Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Disney style

It doesn't matter how much we sneak down to Disney world, I completely fall into the magic of it. Thank God Josh has the same problem! We had such a great time doing Halloween with the big mouse. They have a big Mickey's Not so Scary Halloween Party. I have never been to it before. It was such a good time. Candy stations with treat or treat bags and all the big rides still open. Lily decided to ride Thunder Mountain and changed her mind two seconds after it left the platform. Poor thing.

Here we are all dressed up and ready to party. It took some serious teasing to get Emma's hair that big. It was solid as a rock. Lily would lot let me do hers. It took half an hour just to talk her into a ponytail. Josh's makeup came out so good that the little boys at the park kept staring at him in awe, and one made his mom take a picture with him because he was certain that Josh was the REAL Jack Sparrow.

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