Monday, September 8, 2014

::sunday funday - spring mill park::

Josh works every Sunday and I am off every Sunday now days.  
Yet I work every Saturday.  
Sunday is really my only full day with the shorties.  
I am trying to take advantage of this by making it #sundayfunday
Last Sunday we headed down to Southern Indiana to go to Spring Mill Park.

This place is awesome.  
For five dollars you get all the fun of a state park - trails, nature center, play ground, etc.
But they also have a great pioneer village with many different activities.

Q was in a mood where he did not want to be in any pictures with Lily and Max.  Every time I tried I got this.

He was totally obsessed with the door handles in all the cabins.  
Such a mechanical minded kid. 

My kids can sniff out an art project for 100 paces.
They found one in the leather shop and all three actually worked on it.

But then I tried to take a picture of them together.  
Q denied his people.

Till suddenly he agreed to have his picture taken. 

Spring Mill has a huge working mill that we loved.  
The top two floors are a museum that the kids really enjoyed.

Of course my boys couldn't just look at things.  
They had to find a place to do some bad stuff. 

Another group picture attempt denied by Q. 

Yet he would not leave the steps till I took this one. 

Great minds at work. 

We had to buy the corn meal that was made at the mill.  
How could we resist?

Lily loved the corn husk dolls. 

They loved walking in the gutters, but Q had to lead. 

The wood shop had all kinds of different joint set up.
Lily loved it.

They had a garden set up that just about killed me with how pretty it was.  I need this stone arch. 

Another attempt at a picture together. 

And another...

They found this waterfall and spent 40 minutes putting leaves in the stream to watch them float down stream.  I was shocked that no one fell in. 
Of course Max had to climb.

And ice creams where enjoyed by one and all. 

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