Thursday, October 11, 2012

::shorties loosing their marbles::

 Max was looking over my shoulder at my Pintrest page.
He saw a pool noodle made into a toy car track and he has not stopped talking about it since.
We couldn't find a big enough pool noodle for cars, but they were just the right size for a marble race.
I cut it in half with a bread knife and managed to not cut off my hand :)
I used tooth picks to stick them together.
Duct tape held them down. 

 Oddly enough we happen to have an entire jar full of marbles.  

 Quinn was present in a purely observational mode. 

 The kids decided that they needed a marble maze, so out came the blocks.

See the fort built around the stove in the background?
Max lost a few marbles under the stove, so he came up with more blocks to protect it. 

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