Sunday, September 19, 2010


The sheet of dry wall is all set out and ready for the guests to arrive.

It was nearly impossible to keep Max away from it.

I really loved the mural that they painted.  
The little green guy is my favorite.

Rainbow cupcake decorating was a big hit

And even the mess afterward was pretty

The popcorn machine is a party staple.

My favorite birthday girl.


Picking aprons to decorate.

At the first table they decorated an art apron with ribbon and markers
And they could also make a fruitloop necklace/bracelet
After every one got there, I had several different craft stations for them to choose from.

This table had oil painting and coffee filter painting.  

And under the table was a precious little dental problem dog. 

My oldest, Emma, and Grammy ran the next table.

Another table had bubble painting and shaving cream painting.  

As they made their art they put it in their baskets to take home.  

Because I am blessed by the greatest friends ever I didn't have to spend the day being photographer and Mommy.  
All images taken by my dearest Emily and Shelly.  

All printables are by Birds Crafts.  Please link here to see her clever party idea filled blog and here to see her Etsy shop.





  1. inCREDIBLE pictures, incredible party. i am SUPER impressed, as always, with everything, brooke. Em, you are totally amazing. not only do you rock the DoF, but your use of perspective is priceless (birds eye of max painting?! love it!). my heart is breaking a little at missing this but i just love the creative blessing you are to your children, brooke. love you..

  2. Brooke, we are sorry to have missed such a great're planning really paid off! It was a little girl's dream. You have a real talent in party planning!! Happy Birthday Lily!

  3. Sorry I missed it. It looked amazing so inspiring to me! Time for next years!

  4. What a beautiful party! LOTS of eye candy! I LOVE the picture of the Dum-Dums. Amazing... thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Great job on the pics girls! Looks like the party was fun. So sorry I missed it. Next year there will be 3 little Maurers there joining in on the fun!

  6. What an amazing party! Everything is wonderful! Great job!

  7. Stunning!!!!!

    I tottaly love all the colourful candy and party prinatbles too! ;D



  8. Amazing pics... a party BEYOND what I could have DREAMED of going to when I was an artsy little kid.

    Now will you throw one like that for us grownups?

  9. What a fun, bright, creative party! I love the theme (so non-commercial and appropriate for all ages and genders!) and I want to do this for my daughter's next birthday! It's a year away, but I'd be able to re-use a lot of the rainbow party stuff I have left over. You did an amazing job!

  10. What a great party idea and it all turned out absolutely beautiful! Very cool!

  11. What a fantastic party - all those decorations, candy, favors. So great !

  12. Holy crap Brook! This party turned out perfectly! The cupcakes looked perfect, the cake was amazing and I love all the different stations. You did an amazing job!

  13. Beautiful photos! Beautiful party! Beautiful Kids!! Thanks so much for sharing this with me -- I'm totally planning to link it on my blog's facebook page!

    I'm so hoping my girls will want to do another Rainbow or Art party so we can use some of YOUR great ideas!!!

    xoxo Pink and Green Mama,

  14. What a beautiful party! I'm so inspired for my daughter's 5th birthday :) So glad I stopped by!!

  15. My daughter would LOVE this little artist party!!! You are so creative! I am getting into the party planning bus. my self, and I was wondering if you would mind if I featured your party on my blog? Feel free to email me if you are interested. THanks!


  16. This is a fabulous party! The cake is so creative! I'm founder of I'd love to feature your party on our homepage in our Party of the Day. Please email me at if you are interested. Again, wonderful job. -- Jillian

  17. Wow, it sure looks like a great party. My girls would have loved the art theme.

    Erika B

  18. WOW, now that looks like a party I would want to go to! Alot of great ideas and color going on everywhere! Love the pictures!

  19. What a fun, colorful, birthday idea!

  20. Super cute! I've bookmarked this as inspiration for when my daughter is a little it! Love her party outfit too...where'd you get that darling dress?

  21. Love the idea. We are planning on doing an art party too and just purchased a bunch of easels for the kids. I was looking for the perfect invite when I stubbled on your blog. Thank you.

    Are the rainbow desserts cupcakes with frosting and colored sugar?? Too cute. I would like to replicate the dessert/candy bar and info would be great. Would you mind emailing me at

    Thanks, Kristy BAssuener

  22. Hi...Your post really got me thinking man..... an intelligent piece ,I must say. Get more information about Art party .

  23. Hooo This is really so awesome party kids really having a great fun...

  24. I LOVE all of your ideas! This is perfect for my daughter! She'll be six and loves ART!!

  25. I love your ideas! Where did you find the plain aprons?



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